The first step in creating a website is the availability of a domain name. A domain name is the representation and name of the website you are creating in the World Wide Web. One should choose a domain name with care, as not all domain names are available. The domain name must clearly explain the purpose of the website. The next step is to choose a web host. A web host is a company that stores websites and provides e-mail addresses with your website. Some web hosts are available for free while the professional web hosts like Hostgator and GoDaddy on the other hand charge an annual fee but offer more tools and assistance.

how to make a website

You might be one of those that wants to know how to make a website. There are several ways this can be done but we want to look at using web based site to build on the internet with particular preference to wordpress. WordPress is a web based platform that gives people a place where they can create the website of their dreams. They also provide hosting services. There are tutorials on the web and on their platform that can show you how to go about building a wordpress site. They provide a rich experience for new website creators with hundreds of plugins that can be used to increase the functionality of their site.

If you want to know how to make a website, you should make sure that you have a good reason for your need. Business promotions and marketing is one of the main reasons that most people make their own websites. The ease of knowing that your customers can simply visit your site to get all the information that they need to know about your business, including contact information, makes the customer want to do business with you and they may even spread the word about you and your site.

The term ‘hosting’ holds a different meaning in real life compared to the life over the Internet. Hosting basically refers to where files for your website are kept and offered. There are thousands of hosting websites for a particular price but the easiest way is through hostgator, wherein everything is simplified for the budding website owner. If you’re ready for a jump, try websites that provide settings and features that you would like to see. It would be better to start from scratch, with a good starter hosting/domain rather than invest all your money on a server that you don’t even understand. Find out more by visiting for more details and information.